A Guide on Where to Brunch in Edmonton

A Guide on Where to Brunch in Edmonton

Brunch is my new favourite meal. I could quite happily brunch all day, erryday. But it also seems to be the thing to do in Edmonton (or Canada in general?). Go to any main restaurant on the weekend and they will slap you with a Brunch menu that runs until 3pm. Not a breakfast menu. And definitely no lunch menu. Initially, I thought it was so weird. What if I actually wanted lunch on the weekend?! However, I have since come to embrace it. We now brunch erry-weekend — without fail. So, here’s your ultimate guide to skipping lunch and making brunch a thing:

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#1: Cafe Linnea // Holland Plaza, 10932 119 St NW 

My ultimate favourite — they never let me down. The Scandinavian sister restaurant to Duchess Bake Shop is my all-time favourite brunch. My go-to order are the Galletes, which are gluten-free and so satisfyingly delicious. I crave these bad boys ALL the time. I even try remake them at home. It is never quite like their food. Their menu is always changing — which I love — but check out their current menu here.

#2: District Cafe & Bakery // 10011 109 St NW (Downtown)

District is another popular one with us (and with the rest of Edmonton — the cafe packs up full, pretty fast on weekends). They were voted #1 brunch with Avenue this year. While their menu is limited, I always go for their scramble special minus the gluten and I leave quite satisfied. You can find their menu options here.

You can also check out our full blog post on District here.

#3: Canteen // 10522 124 St NW 

I love Canteen for their interesting brunch options. Their menu offers up things like Dutch baby pancakes served with rhubarb compote, toasted coconut, walnut, back bacon and fried eggs or crispy pork belly served with fried eggs, caramelised onions and brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts for breakfast?! Hey, don’t knock it till you try it!

You can check out our full blog post on Canteen here.

#4: Workshop Eatery // 2003 91 St SW (South)

It’s a little out of the way, but I love Workshop Eatery’s commitment to fresh and seasonal fare.

#5: Bundok // 10228 104 St NW (Downtown)

A newbie on 104th Street, we tried this out on a market day (see here — pre-game brunch treats) and somehow got a booking. All the portions are relatively small, but my omelette was extremely fulling. Or more appropriately, my brie cheese with a side of omelette was fulling. (P.S. I’m okay with all the cheese on my plate. Gimme it all). Check out Cindy’s post over on Let’s Om Nom on Bundok here.

Speaking of Farmer’s Markets, check out this blog post on why we buy from Sunworks Organic Farm. You can find them at Old Strathcona & St Albert Farmers Markets! 

#5: Clementine // 11957 Jasper Ave (Downtown)

We finally checked this gem out! Famous for cocktails, they’re also open for Sunday Brunch! While I don’t expect much from a mainly dinner-service establishment, this breakfast blew it out of the park for me. Best omelette to date. Not kidding! Our entire table ordered the omelette and now I’m kind of sad I didn’t get to try anything else on the menu, so we’re going back! Purely for research for you guys though 😉

#6: Ampersand 27 // 10612 82 Ave NW (Old Strathcona)

Located on Whyte Ave, it’s a brunch option I always forget about (we always go for lunch & dinner). But their menu boasts options for everyone so it’s a safe beat for a crowd.

#7: Sugarbowl // 10922 88th Ave (Garneau)

There is always a queue for this Edmonton old favourite (a queue I dread in winter). If you’re a diehard fan, you’ve likely experienced this too because Sugarbowl doesn’t take reservations. But it’s worth it. Their cinnamon buns are legendary and were even featured on the show, You Gotta Eat Here.

#8: Kb & Co // 10224 104 St NW

This little gem is your health-food-one-stop-shop. Plus, it’s all plant-based so a perfect option for vegans and vegetarians. We always pop in on City Market Days for a smoothie if we haven’t had a full brunch yet to keep us going while we stroll around the market stalls or after a morning walk along the River Valley.

Do you have any other favourites for brunch in Edmonton? I’d love to know to give them a try!

~ Leigh