Greece | Our Santorini Bucket-list

It’s LESS THAN three months till Greece! Eeeek. I feel like Greece has been on my bucket-list forever so it feels good to be able to scratch it off this September. We will be spending 3 days in Santorini, before heading to a non-tourist town called Lefkada to stay in a beautiful villa for a whole […]

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#SundaySpotlight | 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Welcome to a new series, #SundaySpotlight. The series is a type of extended version of my bucket-list, if you will, of my dream hotels or destinations to visit with a weekly spotlight on my latest find. So much of travelling is figuring out where next. Let me help you out with a few little suggestions […]

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A Quick Guide to Disneyland Paris

Our travel agent looked us like we were crazy in the head when we asked to book a nights stay at Disneyland on our “romantic” Paris holiday in 2014. But, let’s be honest, he probably doesn’t get many twenty-something child-less couples booking a romantic Parisian holiday and requesting at least one day at Disneyland. However, […]

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Sharing Our Travel Story So Far

Our Travel Story

You can think of this as running commentary of our life… I started this post as more of a reminder for myself but then I thought it could be a really cool interactive story guide for you when looking for particular blog posts. It’s slightly more exciting than our basic “Where We’ve Been” Page which just […]

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Recap on our Travels of 2016

Recap of our 2016 Travels

This blog post, too, is late. Most bloggers had their “Year in Review” up the second the New Year chimed in. I, on the other hand, needed a full 18 days (and maybe a few bottles of wine) to figure out how I felt about 2016. Needless to say, if you need 18 days to […]

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Our Travel Goals for 2017

If you haven’t already read what we got up to in 2016, here’s the summary. It was a year I felt somewhat unsure about, not really appreciating the travels we did experience, because most of the year was spent figuring out my role in my new town, and country, after moving to Canada. More and […]

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Eating Italian at Uccellino in Edmonton

Edmonton Dinner Dates

Uccellino [oo-che-LEE-no], and not Uccelini, as Craig keeps referring to it as, is my all time favourite restaurant in Edmonton so far. Each of the meals we ordered were outstanding! And trust me, you can see below, that we ordered our fair share of the dishes on the menu between us. It’s very rare to […]

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Brunching in Edmonton at Canteen

The trendy 124th Street is packed full of cool boutiques, foodie spots and cute coffee shops including the brunch hot spot, Canteen. It’s the causal little sister restaurant to the fine dining option, Red Ox Inn, which I have yet to try (but you can bet it’s on the list to-do). We decided to go for a spontaneous brunch, but […]

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A Foodie Weekend in Calgary

Living just 4 hours away, Calgary is our go-to for quick weekend getaways. The rest of the world will recognise the city for having hosted the Winter Olympics and the best city to fly in to when setting out to travel to the bucket-list destination, Banff. But besides that, it is a city bustling with amazing foodie […]

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The Ultimate Edmonton Coffee Guide

Ace Coffee Roasters in Edmonton

Do you even coffee if you haven’t been to any of these hotspots in Edmonton. I have to admit that I am a coffee addict and possibly even a coffee-snob, so I reckon that qualifies me as a pretty good resource on where to get your caffeine fix in Edmonton. A Coffee-snob is defined by Urban Dictionary […]

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