Travel Diary: Our 4 Days in Vancouver, BC

You’ll know from our last visit to Vancouver, we only had a whole 24 hours to explore the city! And in between all that, still had to get ourselves to a visa appointment, so even that 24 hours wasn’t spent doing everything we could. Nonetheless, we did A LOT. See our recap over here. This […]

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The Rimrock Resort Hotel in Banff

Banff Rimrock Resort Hotel

It was our first Christmas in Canada away from all our friends and family in South Africa and only a month into my Canadian adventure. Nervous that we would be a little homesick, we decided to spend it surrounded by Christmas bliss in the mountains. After all, what is better than a White Christmas in […]

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Could You Survive 3 Weeks Without Sugar?

I Quit Sugar

Pounding Headaches. Mood swings. Fatigue. Sugar cravings. Mind Fog. These are just some of the lovely symptoms you deal with when cutting sugar out of your diet. Sugar withdrawals are actually a thing. And even though we didn’t consider ourselves unhealthy, we realised throughout this process that we had possibly been over-indulging in sugar — […]

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