Our August & September 2017 Round Up & Recap

Our August & September 2017 Round Up & Recap

It’s a sad day when I have to combine two monthly recaps because it means I totally dropped the ball while we were in Greece and didn’t post August’s Round Up. The past two months have been suuuuper busy with travelling, and not enough posting! My bad! If you missed anything on our adventures, here’s a quick recap!


Vancity Fun:

Having more than 24 hours meant we did way more than our last visit. Highlights of the trip? The Fireworks at English Bay and Granville Island. And, of course, the food! The lowlights? The sky being covered constantly by smoke due to the fires nearby — I missed the blue skies! I must admit, Vancouver has a different vibe when it’s clear skies and bright. Nonetheless, we will be back again in November! We’re ready for the wintery rain ๐Ÿ˜‰ You’ll obviously find me in cute coffee shops keeping cosy!

Read our Vancouver Travel Diary here. And let me know — What is your favourite part of our trip?

We Hit 1k on Instagram!

This month we hit a huge milestone over onย Instagramย — 1,000 of you lovely people are following us on all of our adventures! I know these are small achievements in the grand scheme of things but the fact that even 5 people are interested in our travels, is just incredible. I seriously appreciate all the support, love and messages over on our account. I love that I’ve been able to connect with so many of you and that you all are happy to send me a DM to chat. I love that and never stop! It’s so super cheesy, but it’s like I have 1000 new friends!

After all that gooey stuff, if we aren’t already friends, head on over to our Instagram account and give us a follow!


We Went to Greece!

A definite highlight of September was our two-week Greece holiday to Athens, Santorini and Lefkada! Santorini truly was a dream. The views and the sunsets were out of this world — unlike anything we had ever seen before. There have been a few blog posts about our trip too, so if you missed any, here’s your chance to catch up:

I flew to South Africa + Booked Flights for December too!

I booked flights to South Africa for December, before booking flights for my last minute visit due to an unexpected medical problem with my mom. This trip was only for two weeks and I only visited my hometown of Durban, but I enjoyed showing you all a lesser-known city in South Africa and hopefully it gave you a little more insight into this incredible country! In December we have way more planned — but look out for my Durban blog posts coming out soon!


We Received So Much Love:

Travel Alberta shared our Edmonton Brunch Guide;ย Lock Stock reposted our Insta-pic AND our friends over at Our Sweet Adventures featured us on a list of Inspiring Travel Couples. We appreciate the love and send it all back! Thanks Guys!


The Ups & Downs of Travelling

Flight delays, and missing flight connections started off our Greece Holiday on a bad note. But these ups and downs are inevitable when you travel often. I recapped our best and worst moments of our Greece Holiday here. Give it a read and tell me your best and worst moments of your last vacation.

What’s Next in October?

Well, I’ll finally be heading back to Edmonton for a good few weeks to hopefully settle into a little routine before our next adventure! Sometimes it is so nice to come home after a long period of travelling! ๐Ÿ™‚

~ Leigh



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