Could You Survive 3 Weeks Without Sugar?

I Quit Sugar

Pounding Headaches. Mood swings. Fatigue. Sugar cravings. Mind Fog. These are just some of the lovely symptoms you deal with when cutting sugar out of your diet. Sugar withdrawals are actually a thing. And even though we didn’t consider ourselves unhealthy, we realised throughout this process that we had possibly been over-indulging in sugar — […]

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Our July 2017 Round Up & Recap

Alforno Bakery and Cafe

It’s been a busy month! Scratch that. YEAR! It’s flown by and we are now only 5 months away from the end of the year of 2017. And coming up to our two year anniversary of being in Canada. Time flies when you’re having fun though, right? I’m going to try my very best to […]

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Sharing Our Travel Story So Far

Our Travel Story

You can think of this as running commentary of our life… I started this post as more of a reminder for myself but then I thought it could be a really cool interactive story guide for you when looking for particular blog posts. It’s slightly more exciting than our basic “Where We’ve Been” Page which just […]

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Recap on our Travels of 2016

Recap of our 2016 Travels

This blog post, too, is late. Most bloggers had their “Year in Review” up the second the New Year chimed in. I, on the other hand, needed a full 18 days (and maybe a few bottles of wine) to figure out how I felt about 2016. Needless to say, if you need 18 days to […]

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Our Travel Goals for 2017

If you haven’t already read what we got up to in 2016, here’s the summary. It was a year I felt somewhat unsure about, not really appreciating the travels we did experience, because most of the year was spent figuring out my role in my new town, and country, after moving to Canada. More and […]

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