Weekly Update #3

Weekly Update #3

This week has flown — again! Before I knew it, Sunday had come around again and no Weekly Update blog post. It’s here — a few hours late, but it boasts a few little sneak peaks from our Jasper trip this weekend plus a few things on my mind lately!

Mommy Bee Arrived and we took her to the Mountains!

We decided on a spontaneous trip to Jasper as Craig’s mom arrived in Canada for a two-week visit. We’ve taken her to Banff on a previous visit and thought another visit to the mountains was needed! Although we only stayed over for one night, we managed to do and see so much more than Craig and I had on any of our previous visits. Highlight was definitely seeing Maligne Lake at dawn, as the sun was rising over the mountains. We were completely alone up in the snow-capped mountains, besides two moose eating next to the lake — it was magic. Keep an eye out for the travel diary blog post, it’s nearly finished!

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Halloween is coming up!

I love Halloween! I love dressing up and getting treats! Anyone else in the same boat? Luckily, Edmonton has sooo many events on this year — I don’t even know which event to choose! Check out this list of events by Explore Edmonton if you’re also feeling stumped on what to do. Every time I think about trying the Deadmonton Haunted House, I panic! Pretty sure I’m suffering from PTSD from the Walking Dead Ride at Universal Studios in Hollywood. It’s not for the fainthearted!

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I’m so Obsessed with Embroidered everything!

You might remember I found an off-the-shoulder embroidered dress from Forever 21 which I wore in Greece. It featured in so many shots like this one below. Now I’m trolling online shopping sites for embroidered boots — look at what I found below! Are you obsessed too?


Until next week,
~ L

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